Our Clientele

As a Bridal Tan Expert, I create custom-natural glows with amazing fade quality. Learn more about how mobile tanning works and clients below.

We have provided services to a variety of eventful settings that include in office parties, vacationers, dance groups, fitness competition tanning, prom, bridal and groom tans. 




Fitness Competitions


Bridal Parties



  • Before we begin - I would need a room or space to set up my equipment, mobile tent, and machine with a 120v plug in/outlet access.

  • Upon stepping into the tent, you will be offered undergarments provided and a hair net. 

  • Before beginning, we will discuss what you're looking for in your tan and the tone you want to achieve. 

  • your session will take about 15 minutes. 

  • When the session is done, you should wear loose clothing to avoid smudging of your sunless tan. 

  • Your tan will be slightly darker immediately after the session and will lighten up after your fist rinse. 

How Do Mobile Tans Work?

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