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Glo Guide

As a Bridal Tan Expert, I create custom-natural glows with amazing fade quality. Learn more about how mobile tanning works and clients below.


Want to get the most out of your spray tan experience? Read our pre-spray, during-spray, and post-spray tips below.


  • Complete ALL your other services at least 24 hours before your tan, such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, massages, eyelashes etc. Your spray tan is your last stop!

  • Exfoliate well starting 2 days before using a mitt or glove. (Loofah and towels wont work as well). Because you are exfoliating earlier in preparation- you can use a good quality skin moisturizer after you shower up until the day of your tanning session. 

  • Try to avoid showering right before your session and avoid Dove soap several days before. 

  • Try to get shaving done 24 hours before and use a razor without the gunk on it. Clean skin for session; no deodorant , makeup, lotions, and perfumes. Bring loose clothing to wear after. You will be able to rinse as soon as 2-4 hours. 


  • Before beginning we will discuss your desired color and darkness to ensure you are feeling confident when the session is done. 

  • Women 18+ have the option to tan topless, nude, wear a swimsuit, disposable spray tan undergarments (provided by us), or whatever you feel most comfortable in wearing. 

  • Men 18+ must wear underwear or boxer briefs.

  • Please be aware that you will have tan lines with whatever you choose to wear.

  • During the tanning session - we will guide you through various positions as we tan you. 

  • The tanning process takes less than 20 minutes depending if you are new with us or not.


  • Depending which tan options you choose, wait at least 2 hours to rinse off.

  • *rinse times vary

  • Rinse WELL USING warm water . 

  • Hands only, be very thorough- NO CLOTH OR LOOFAH.

  • No Soap with this first rinse.

  • Use your hands to brush the water down your body until water runs clear down the drain, ensuring all of your cosmetic bronzer coat is washed off. 

  • PAT DRY getting out. 

  • Wear loose clothing.

  • Lotions starts: morning or at least 12-24 hours after your first rinse. 

  • Reminder: It looks like your tan is gone after your rinse. It will come back with time. It takes 24+ hours to see the final result. 

  • Wait about 24 hours to shower with soap or body wash.

  • Don't forget you can still burn in the sun! Recommended sunscreens: Sun Bum, Super Goop, Coola Suncare, Color Science, Alba Botanicals, and Babyganics. Lotion based is best. and avoid Oil or Aersol sprays. 

Ways to prolong your tan

Moisturize, Moisturize, and Moisturize day and night. Avoid exercise and sweating for 24 hours. Avoid; alcohol based products, sulfates (causes dry skin), mineral oils, fragrance, Dove and Olay products. 

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